The Guardian

The sensation of peace enveloped my entire body as the wind twirled my hair and chilled me to the bone, comforting in the contrast of the warming rays beating down from the sun onto my delicate face. I looked down at myself; I was covered in silk the color of clear, blue skies. I reached down to touch it and closed my eyes. It ran through my fingers like sand, so pure. I looked up; all around me was beauty, miles of flowers, lilac and soft yellows. Small cottages littered the land. One, built with chestnut brown logs and cream white accents; another, yellow, that seemed to have aged decades with a stark white door and a window from floor to ceiling. A woman stepped out of the log cottage. Her hair fell down her back in waves of silver. The closer she got, the more I became enchanted by her presence. You could see the wisdom in face from the aging lines at the corner of her eyes that must be from laughter. Her dress was white as snow and her skin glowing. There was a halo of light emitting from her persona. When she approached, her voice was like honey; I strained to memorize every word and syllable that came from her pink stained lips. She knew my name. “Alexis, protector of mankind, I have been watching you for quite some time and I am pleased to say that you have been granted another chance,” she sang. “Another chance to be on Earth and fulfill your destiny.” Her voice was so mesmerizing that I didn't even consider questioning what she was saying. I just nodded along as she kept talking. “You are in the Center, the place where the deceased come when they are either going back to Earth or making the transition to become a Spirit. We have chosen to give you more time; go back and do what you were meant to do. My name is Isa, I'm your Guardian, and I am going to heal you; once you are healed you will awaken wherever your body is. I cannot guarantee you will know where you are or who is around you, but you will be alive. Please make the most of this life we are giving you; now relax, close your eyes,” She kindly asked. So I did, I closed my eyes and released myself to her. I woke up gasping for air. Bright lights were blinding me and I struggled to adjust my eyes to the foreign atmosphere. All I could hear was yelling, shouts from nurses and doctors, and cries from my mom begging God to keep me alive. I tried to call for her but my throat was too dry to muster anything close to sound, so I just laid there with my eyes stuck open in panic. I started to cry. I wanted my mom. Instead, I was rolled into a hospital room where more doctors surrounded me and shot me with something that made my panic shrivel into nothingness. I started understanding what they were saying; I had been in a car accident. I had veered aimlessly off the road and rammed into a tree head-on like a bull stampeding toward a red flag. I died on impact, but I had been brought back. They ripped my clothes off with such urgency and panic, examining my injuries- concussion, broken nose, two black eyes, broken neck, dislocated shoulder, minor abrasions and cuts from the glass, and two broken ribs. I could handle it, I thought. I’m alive and I have a purpose. A few minutes, maybe hours, I couldn’t really tell, went by and I fell into a deep sleep. When I was released from my seemingly never-ending slumber, Able, bless his heart, was sitting next to my bed, asleep. I attempted to sit up but moaned in pain. He jumped up

immediately as if he had a clock in his head that chimed as I woke, and rushed to my side. Taking my hand he sighed a sigh that broke my heart. I knew that this was probably harder on him than anyone else, so I did my best to mask my pain. It felt like ages since I had laid my eyes on tender face. His night black hair mounted high in a wave of curls that brought out his piercing, light brown eyes with flecks of gold and deep brown. I gave him a weak smile, trying to take the attention away from the obvious. “Is that a new shirt?” I asked quizzically with a touch of humor. He giggled, thank whoever is up there, for his laugh, to this day, has kept me going. “Yes, it is,” he sighed, pulling my uninjured hand to his face. “I missed you so much. I was so scared, Lexi,” but his voice drowned out as my mind kept wandering back to Isa and the beauty of The Center. I zoned out into my own little abyss and started contemplating what my destiny would entail. I decided to dedicate my life to trying to make other people’s lives better. Anything I could do to make someone’s day. Offering compliments and striking conversations with strangers. I try to be the best person I can be to everyone; going above and beyond. You need help? I’m there. Something bad happened? I’m coming to get you. You’re scared? I’m by your side. Even little things like returning lost items or picking up any loitering trash. I stopped focusing on myself and put others before me. My greatest hope is that I can positively affect as many people’s lives as I can until it is my true time to leave. Yet, I couldn’t shake the idea of wanting so badly to return to The Center and live among the beauty with Isa.


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My eyes are screaming for sleep but my mind is running wild 1:05am- his laugh like wildfire spreading wherever he goes. 2:50am- his smile so crooked but I can‘t help to smile back. 3:27am- his smell f