Welcome fellow humans!

Here lies a safe space for self expression and activism.

I never had a stable environment growing up, so there was little room for prospering friendships or familiarity. Because I am used to being on the move and sometimes feeling alone, wherever I go I feel as if it is my responsibility to create a safe place, educate others of the injustices of the world, and spread love. 

When I was 16 I got my palms read for the first time. The woman told me that I was to be a traveling motivational speaker. Well, here I am, hoping to make that happen. Hoping to genuinely make a positive difference in the devious ways society has ushered us into solidarity, greed, and mistrust. Hoping to gather those who never felt like they belonged into a community so powerful that we move mountains with our hearts and voices. Hoping to be the light in the darkness that is our world, to shine on the issues no one is willing to stand up for. Hoping to be a catalyst for a revolution! 

Together we can do this. 

Join me on this journey of self actualization and justice.